Common questions

What is the Vocalls Phone assistant?
A digital platform with artificial intelligence components, extending your capacity in outgoing or incoming communication with automated/robotic calls or text messages.
Where can the assistant be used?
  • In existing call centers to save time and increase efficiency of your operators
  • When arranging meetings with clients in a reservation system
  • In complaint departments, for processing and assignment of complaint numbers
  • When providing information on infolines
  • When informing clients about product news
  • In registrations and consents to GDPR
  • Fast and mass handling of urgent things
How can I try theassistant?
On the main page of our website, you will find 4 sample calls. Just enter your phone number and the assistant will call you.
How do I start using the assistant?
Just fill out the contact form. We will contact you and discuss the possibilities of deploying the assistant in your organization.

Technical questions

Which voices are available?
We support all common European or world languages male and female voice with the possibility to change the tempo or pitch.
Can the assistant send text messages or e-mails?
The assistant can send text messages or e-mails easily.
Can the assistant record calls?
Recording calls is included. Additionally, every recording is also complemented with its transcription.


Where are phone numbers and call data stored?
The whole solution can be operated in the on-premise variant, ie the data is with you. In the cloud variant, the data is securely stored in a certified Microsoft Azure repository. For more information on security, please contact us.
Do you sell the phone number database?
We do not sell the phone number database or otherwise work with numbers that our clients have entered into the system.

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